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Last updated March 8, 2024
Online MSW in Urban Family Studies Programs By Kassondra Glenn
Kassondra Glenn
Licensed Psychotherapist, MSW in Clinical Social Work/Psychotherapy (NYU)
School Program Admissions
Sacred Heart University Master of Social Work
No GRE required. CSWE Accredited, Direct Clinical Practice or a Direct Community Practice specialization.
CSWE Accredited
George Mason University Online MSW: Children, Youth, & Families
CSWE accredited. Specialized online tracks focused on Children, Youth, & Families.
CSWE Accredited
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The MSW in Urban Family Studies is a growing MSW degree specialization and growing in popularity for social workers that want to have a career with working in city and urban areas. Urban family social workers can assist individuals with finding resources to help support their health, nutrition and well-being within society.

The MSW in Urban Family Studies can allow learners to dive deeper into research regarding urban areas and the people that live within them. Through instruction and assignments, students can learn more about how densely populated areas affect the family dynamic, work ethic and wellness for individuals and families.

What is an Online MSW in Urban Family Studies?

Students usually study case studies and statistics that are relevant to urban families throughout the country. This information can help future social work professionals create better action plans for the populations that they serve and act as a foundation for further social development in upcoming projects and decisions.

Why consider a focused MSW in Urban and Family Studies?

One of the goals of the MSW in Urban Family Studies is to allow students to increase their attention to diversity in their programming, which can be extremely useful when working in urban areas. The cultural considerations for these areas may be important when working with people from different backgrounds and developing individual programs to help increase their quality of life.

People, by nature, may have certain biases associated with normal development. In this program, students may be taught to work around these biases in order to be more effective and inclusive professionals.

School Program Admissions
Adelphi University Online Master of Social Work
CSWE Accredited
Virginia Commonwealth University Online Master's in Social Work
CSWE Accredited
University of Kentucky Online Master of Social Work
CSWE Accredited
University of West Florida Online Master of Social Work
CSWE Accredited
Our Lady of the Lake University Online Master of Social Work
CSWE Accredited
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Other related graduate degrees in social work

This degree program can also help students learn more about different programs and resources available in urban areas all over the United States. Students might look at educational programs, drug and alcohol prevention programs for minors, family support services and food programs available to individuals and families within urban areas, as well as government programs designed to assist in creating new programs depending on need. As a student in this degree program, you can learn to access resources that can help your clients live happy and healthy lives. The following program areas are closely related:

What Personal Traits Might Make Me A Great Fit for This Field?

The field of social work may present many challenges for its professionals. On a regular basis, you may see clients with extremely diverse needs – all of which are relying on you for resolution.

  • A skill that can help you make creative decisions to help the people you serve may be resourceful thinking. By engaging in this type of thinking, you may be able to find programs or resources within your community to help those that are seeking your guidance. In order to be the best at this skill, you should be knowledgeable of which programs are available in your area, the qualification requirements for each one and methods for applying for and receiving aid.
  • In addition to using resources to assist your clients, you must also be diverse in your planning. Urban families may have specific cultural or language considerations that you need to accommodate during your experience with them.
  • Students that are willing to go the extra mile to learn more about the different cultures within their area may benefit from growing a stronger bond with their clients. This can assist you in making progress with improving the conditions for the families you serve, as well as serving clients with dignity and respect throughout the process.

Online MSW in Urban Family Studies Programs Courses

Psycho-social Assessment and Diagnostics

In many different social work careers, professionals may have the responsibility of conducting psycho-social assessments on their clients. This can help assess the needs of the people you serve and provide a solid foundation for case planning. This course can introduce students to the psycho social assessment from a historical standpoint, teach students methods for conducting this assessment and inform students on how to report and act on the results. During this course, students may have the opportunity to practice this assessment as part of the class’s requirements.

Multicultural Social Work Practice

Cultural considerations and sensitivity can be a huge aspect of social work practice for upcoming professionals. This course seeks to educate students on the various aspects of cultural sensitivity present within current society. Students can learn to understand and interact with people from varying backgrounds, ethnicity, races, classes and even religions as part of this course. Students may also be challenged to rid themselves of any bias so that they can become fair and competent social work professionals.

Social Work Research

If you want to be an effective social work professional, you should have experience and expertise in the field of general research. Whether you are researching an effective plan for one of your clients or trying to establish grounds for innovative projects, accurate research can be a helpful tool to use along the way. In this course, students can learn the proper methods for planning and conducting research, as well as the theoretical applications that can apply as a result of research. Students may be expected to conduct research projects pertaining to social work practice as part of this course.

What types of careers Are Associated with Urban Family Studies Degrees?

Social Advocacy

Urban areas all over the United States may contain residents in need of extreme guidance through many of life’s trials. If you choose to work as a social worker in this area, you may have the opportunity to fight for services and programs for the people you serve. As part of your career responsibilities, you may work with clients to determine what needs are not being met by current community services, create an action plan to contracting these services and work with your client to get into contact with the programs that can best benefit their needs. You can find advocacy careers in healthcare, welfare and even educational fields within your community.

Social Service Management

On top of the standard social work careers, graduates of MSW programs may also qualify for leadership positions in social service agencies within their areas. You could potentially find careers in child welfare, human services or even community healthcare centers. As part of the management process, you could oversee the work of social workers within your organization, plan financially for your agency and even engage in program planning with upper levels of management.

Community Planning Specialist

Working in urban areas may introduce you to a whole new realm of needs for a population. In urban areas, there may be planning committees responsible for developing relevant and helpful programs for people in need. You can work in this area by providing assessments, interviewing members of the community and recommending helpful programs to assist with those needs. Community planning specialists can work as part of a city’s government or be contracted at the implementation of an upcoming community improvement project.

Potential Salaries of Urban Family Studies Graduates

  • Urban and Regional Planners: $71,490 on average per year (BLS).
  • Social and Community Service Managers: $64,100 on average per year (BLS).

How Much Does An Online MSW in Urban Family Studies Degree Cost?

The time and money it takes to complete an online MSW program can vary greatly across multiple universities. As you sort through your available options, you should ensure that your degree program is accredited, affordable and focuses on the areas of social work that mean the most to you.

We have researched universities offering the online MSW in Urban Family Studies all over the United States. One university in particular that contains great potential for upcoming social work professionals is California State University – Northridge.

CSU – Northridge currently offers different degree paths for students interested in different collegiate experiences. The online version of this degree program may consist of a full-time requirement that can result in the program being completed in around 2 years.

The traditional program offered by this university can be completed in 2-3 years, so the online program may be more preferred for students interested in completing their degree program quickly. Most online MSW programs may require students to engage in 2-3 years of coursework in order to graduate with their degree, so CSU may be a great option for you if you desire quick entry into the field.

Students may also consider the costs of a degree program when deciding among many different options. CSU – Northridge’s online MSW program consists of 60 units that total-up the degree program. Each of these units is charged at a rate of $752, making the total cost of this program $45,120.

Some students may be eligible for various scholarship offerings, tuition reimbursement programs through a current employer or even federal resources such as student loans to help fund their education. The benefits of obtaining a MSW degree may be relative to your desires as a professional, so you should consider what you wish to accomplish through the acquisition of this degree prior to enrolling in any MSW program.

CSWE Accredited Programs

CSWE (Council on Social Work Education) is the top accrediting board for Master of Social Work programs. Below, you will find a list of all of the CSWE accredited social work programs.