Georgia MSW Degree Programs

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Georgia MSW Degree Programs By Kassondra Glenn
Kassondra Glenn
Licensed Psychotherapist, MSW in Clinical Social Work/Psychotherapy (NYU)
School Program Admissions
University of Kentucky Online Master of Social Work
CSWE Accredited, 100% online. Regular and Advanced Standing MSW tracks. 7 different certificates available (Clinical, Child Welfare, School, Substance Abuse, Trauma, more).
University of Kentucky CSWE Accredited MSW Program
University of West Florida Online Master of Social Work
CSWE Accredited, 100% online. Traditional and Advanced Standing MSW tracks.
University of West Florida CSWE Accredited MSW Program
Campbellsville University Online Master of Social Work
No GRE or GMAT required. Traditional and Advanced Standing tracks available. Program can be completed in less than a year.
CSWE Accredited
University of Kentucky Doctorate of Social Work
Select one of four concentrations: Administrative Leadership, Clinical Social Work, Military Behavioral Health, and Social Work Education.
George Mason University Master of Social Work (MSW) Online
CSWE accredited. Tracks include: Adults & Healthy Aging or Children, Youth, & Families.
CSWE Accredited
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There are 8 MSW programs in Georgia, including five different online MSW options. The University of Georgia, Valdosta State University, and Georgia State University are just several colleges that have an entirely online MSW program.

Atlanta generally has the highest social work employment in the state of Georgia, with many opportunities available for those specializing in school services, health care, and mental health. While licensures cannot be transferred into Georgia, professionals can apply with examination waivers if they meet qualifications.

Georgia CSWE Accredited MSW Programs

Seven institutions hold accreditation from the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) for their Master of Social Work programs in Georgia. This includes one of the top universities, the University of Georgia. The exclusive program that offers online opportunities for students is available at Valdosta State University. You can also review the list of some of the best CSWE accredited online MSW programs for a comprehensive list.

Are there online MSW programs in Georgia?

Yes, there are colleges in Georgia with an online Master of Social Work degree program. Consider a featured online MSW program that is taking applicants right now, or move on to the list.

School Program Admissions
Virginia Commonwealth University Online Master's in Social Work
CSWE Accredited
University of Kentucky Online Master of Social Work
CSWE Accredited
University of West Florida Online Master of Social Work
CSWE Accredited
Syracuse University Online Master of Social Work
CSWE Accredited
University of Denver Online Master of Social Work
CSWE Accredited
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List of online MSW programs in Georgia that are CSWE accredited

School Program CSWE Accredited?
Albany State University Master of Social Work (MSW)
Clark Atlanta University Masters in Social Work (MSW)
Georgia State University Master of Social Work (MSW)
University of Georgia Master of Social Work (MSW)
Valdosta State University Online MSW: Master of Social Work

In depth review of Georgia MSW programs

Atlanta has multiple institutions that provide graduate-level accredited education for social work: Clark Atlanta University and Georgia State University. Specializations to consider at the universities include working with the community, treating youth and family members, and mental health. In addition to the education, most social work careers can be found in Atlanta.

Other locations for education across the state of Georgia include Athens, Savannah, and Valdosta - the latter university has a hybrid format that allows on-campus and online coursework. Specializations at the University of Georgia include management, community development, and direct practice. There is an opportunity to pursue this program at the Athens or Gwinnett campus.

Valdosta State University's Hybrid MSW

The Department of Human Services offers a Master's in social work with a specialization of advanced generalist. While there is no requirement to have an undergraduate degree in social work, holding this accomplishment with high academic merit can place students in the advanced standing program. This eliminates foundational work and one field experience from the curriculum.

60 total credit hours are needed to meet curriculum requirements and generally requires two years to complete. Students that are accepted into the advanced standing format will need to just one year for advanced generalist education. Examples of courses students may take in the program include Human Behavior in the Social Environment, Generalist Practice for Individuals and Families, and Social Welfare Policy.

Online Format

Students that require more flexibility can pursue the hybrid program, which takes three years to complete. Course lectures take place monthly over the Friday-Saturday weekend with the rest of the coursework done online. This program is ideal for students that live further away from campus and are looking at part-time enrollment.

Admission Requirements

In order to get into the graduate social work program, students need to have a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution and at least a 3.0 GPA over the last 60 credit hours. Submission items should include three letters of recommendation, official transcripts, and a medical form. There is no need to submit Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores.

Review of campus-based Georgia MSW programs

Albany State University - Master of Social Work (MSW) - Albany

Courses generally offered in the evening. To achieve advanced standing, students must have a CSWE-accredited degree. B grades or higher needed in all social work courses and degree earned within the last five years. 900 total clock hours needed in field experience. Each experience paired with a seminar course for preparation and application of studies. Most field work available during weekdays in the daytime.

Clark Atlanta University - Masters in Social Work (MSW) - Atlanta

Specializations include child and family services, and mental health assessment. Students focus their studies over theory and apply these concepts to their internship. Two field experiences needed in the full program. Prior academics should include biology, mathematics, and many topics in sciences and humanities. Other requirements are three recommendation letters and personal statement. There is no need to submit a GRE score in the application process.

Georgia State University - Master of Social Work (MSW) - Atlanta

60 total credit hours needed for the program and it is available at the Atlanta campus. Curriculum divided into generalist practice, liberal arts topics, and specialization. Advanced standing available for students that already hold an accredited BSW degree. May choose a certification in gerontology, public health, nonprofit management, and more. Admission requirements include three recommendation letters and official GRE scores. Goals are to improve social work progress and help develop communities.

Kennesaw State University - Master of Social Work (MSW) - Kennesaw

Concentrations available with children and families or behavioral health. Students considering behavioral health can further specialize in addictions and substance abuse. One-fifth of the curriculum dedicated to generalist and concentration field work. Application requirements include official transcripts and two letters of recommendation. Admission is only available in the fall semester. There is no advanced standing offered in this program.

Savannah State University - Master of Social Work (MSW) - Savannah

Concentrations available in clinical practice and social administration practice. Traditional admission requires 850 GRE test score and 2.8 GPA. Advanced standing needs 3.0 GPA. Students not passing all courses with a B grade or higher must drop to traditional format. 1,000 total hours needed in field experience, with 700 reserved for the advanced year. Part-time option available for total study commitment within three and a half years.

University of Georgia - Master of Social Work (MSW) - Athens

Online study available or on-campus options in the Athens and downtown Atlanta locations. Students select macro or micro practice to focus their studies, or combine a blend of the two. Further application of theory and practice can go toward a specific field. This provides expertise in positions within nonprofit management or family therapy. Application requires unofficial transcripts, personal statement, and three recommendation letters. No GRE scores required to submit for review.

Valdosta State University - Master of Social Work (MSW) - Valdosta

Students need to maintain a 3.0 GPA during their studies. No grades below C accepted toward graduation. Admission requires official transcripts and three recommendation letters. Should have prior academics in humanities, social sciences, and mathematics. No GRE or GMAT scores needed in the application process. Requires portfolio that showcases what the student has learned throughout the program.

Careers, Licensures, and Salaries for Social Workers in Georgia

Some of the highest employment in social work for the state of Georgia is within the fields of youth development and health care. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 3,500 workers are represented in the health care sector. The majority of this employment is found in the Atlanta metropolitan area, as is many social work opportunities.

Average Salary of a Georgia Social Worker

Overall, salary estimates are slightly lower than the national average for many social work positions in the state of Georgia. Health care workers receive an annual mean wage of $54,400, which is on par or higher than many states in the region. One of the highest-paying locations in the state is in Valdosta with an average salary of over $80,950.

Georgia Social Work Licensure Requirements

At least a graduate-level degree is needed to become a licensed practitioner in the state of Georgia. There are two different levels to choose from: Licensed Master Social Worker and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. The latter requires 3,000 hours of supervised experience after graduation, and this must be completed in a span of three to nine years.

Applicants with a doctorate only need 2,000 hours of supervised experience as some of these hours will be earned in that program. In addition, the clinical exam distributed by the Association of Social Work Boards must be taken and passed prior to receiving licensure. 35 credit hours of continuing education is needed every two years to renew the Georgia state licensures.