Social Work Careers, Licensure, and Salaries in Colorado

Colorado has solid social work employment rates across the board, seeing plenty of opportunities for professionals looking to get into family consultation or substance abuse evaluation. Clinical social workers often participate in group sessions that help develop treatment plans for those that are dealing with addiction problems or various issues in their relationship. Over 1,630 positions are dedicated to mental health social workers across the state.

Salaries for Colorado Social Workers

Average salary in the state is at $47,500, which is below the national annual mean, but it can rise to over $65,200 in the top 10 percent of salaries. The highest-paying opportunities can be found in the Denver and Colorado Springs metropolitan areas according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Colorado Social Work Licensure Requirements

There are three different licensure for social work in Colorado: standard licensure requiring supervision, provisional social worker, and clinical social worker. Applicants for the standard or clinical licensure must pass the jurisprudence examination, which verifies if the professional is competent in mental health state laws. This also includes passing the Association of Social Work Boards examination.

For the provisional licensure, there are no examinations needed as this focuses on working in child care facilities. A supervisor is still needed with this licensure, and completion of a MSW degree is required. At least 40 hours of continuing education is needed for renewal every two years, and up to 20 hours can be used for one category.