Social Work Careers, Licensures, and Salaries in Florida

Florida is one of the top states for social work opportunities, especially in the health care sector. Over 10,700 professionals are employed as health care social workers, and this equates to an annual mean wage of $52,700. This is lower than the national average, but either on par or greater than the majority of southeastern-based states in the country.

Florida Social Worker Salaries

Health care social worker salaries can go up to over $75,400 in the top 10 percent in the state according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employment is spread out all over the state in places like Jacksonville and Orlando, but around half of those employed are located in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area.

Florida Social Work Licensure

Licensure in the state of Florida is offered in two variations:

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
  • Certified Master Social Worker (CMSW)

The LCSW licensure requires 1,500 of direct clinical work in a two-year span and this must be supervised by a professional that already has the LCSW license. There are three additional courses on state laws, domestic violence, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Licensure Requirements

4,500 hours of non-clinical social work experiences is needed for the CMSW. Up to 1,500 hours can be earned during graduate education, but 3,000 hours must be performed after gaining the Master’s degree.

Both of these certifications require the completion of a Master’s degree and passing the Association of Social Work Boards examination.