Wyoming MSW Degree Programs

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Wyoming MSW Degree Programs By Online MSW Staff
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School Program Admissions
University of Denver Online Master of Social Work
No GRE Required. Top-ranked school of social work offers two online MSW tracks: traditional and advanced standing. Concentration offerings in Mental Health and Trauma or Health, Equity and Wellness.
University of Denver CSWE Accredited MSW Program
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Wyoming has a high concentration of social workers within youth and school services, mental health, and substance abuse. There are different state certifications for applicants that have a Bachelor's degree and/or Master's degree in social work.

Wyoming CSWE Accredited MSW Programs

The exclusive institution for accredited programs in social work by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) is at the University of Wyoming. Holding accreditation from the CSWE means that the program has met the nine competencies the organization has set to fully prepare students for their social work careers, or advance them to a higher position.

Are there online MSW programs in Wyoming?

Yes, there are colleges in Wyoming with an online Master of Social Work degree program. Consider a featured online MSW program that is taking applicants right now, or move on to the list.

School Program Admissions
Virginia Commonwealth University Online Master's in Social Work
CSWE Accredited
University of Kentucky Online Master of Social Work
CSWE Accredited
University of West Florida Online Master of Social Work
CSWE Accredited
Syracuse University Online Master of Social Work
CSWE Accredited
University of Denver Online Master of Social Work
CSWE Accredited
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List of online MSW programs in Wyoming that are CSWE accredited

School Program CSWE Accredited?
University of Wyoming Online MSW: Advanced Generalist

Finding a Campus Based Wyoming MSW Program

The University of Wyoming is located in Laramie, and has a variety of resources and experienced faculty necessary to prepare eventual graduates for their social work career. These students will specialize as an advanced generalist and receive the academics needed to fulfill many state licensure requirements. Laramie, Cheyenne, and Casper are popular locations to find social work career opportunities.

University of Wyoming's Hybrid MSW

Students can pursue the Master of Social Work through a blend of online courses and at the Laramie campus. In many cases, courses will be available in the late afternoon and evening hours unless it is an intensive weekend format, which can be anytime between 12:00 PM Friday to 5:30 PM Sunday. There is no option to fully pursue the program completely online.

Social work cohorts begin during the summer semester with one course for the traditional format and two courses for the advanced standing format. All required classes in the program will meet over the weekends, and many elective courses will typically available online or during the summer if desired. The university recommends that only part-time professional work is pursued due to the field education requirement.

Curriculum Structure

For the traditional program, students can typically complete the curriculum in two years, and those pursuing advanced standing can finish in as little as one year. Field practicum courses are required in the fall and spring semesters, and at least one elective must be completed by all students regardless of path. Example courses that students may take include Social Welfare Policy, Applied Research, and Advanced Generalist Practice.

Admission Requirements

To gain access to the standard program, prospective students must have at least a Bachelor's degree with 21 credit hours worth of liberal arts courses. Topics include social and behavioral sciences, natural sciences, human biology, and statistics. Students must have graduated with a 3.0 cumulative GPA, and the human biology and statistics courses must be passed with a C grade or higher.

In order to gain eligibility for advanced standing, this Bachelor's degree must be in the discipline of social work and accredited by the CSWE. Both the courses within the social work major must be a cumulative 3.25 GPA and overall 3.0 GPA. At least a B grade must have been earned in undergraduate field experience.

Review of campus-based Wyoming MSW programs

University of Wyoming - Master of Social Work (MSW) - Laramie

Concentration offered in school social work to improve the education system. Consists of improving policy and eliminating barriers for various parts of a community. Admission requires official transcripts, updated resume, and personal statement detailing professional accomplishment. Provides advanced generalist practice in the second year of the traditional program. 900 total hours needed across two internship experiences. Students pursuing school-focused advanced education should have their second internship in that setting.

Careers, Licensures, and Salaries in Wyoming

Social workers specializing in health care are one of the higher-paying positions in this line of work for the state of Wyoming. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual mean wage is estimated at $60,170. The highest salaries are generally in the western portion of the state, and the Cheyenne and Casper metropolitan areas.

Wyoming Social Work Licensure Requirements

The state of Wyoming offers two different licensures for social workers: Certified Social Worker (CSW) and Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). The former requires at least a Bachelor’s of Social Work and the submission of a Professional Disclosure Statement. An exam administered by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) must also be completed and passed before gaining licensure.

Hours of Experience Requirements

In order to receive the LCSW, a Master’s degree and provisional license must be acquired along with the submission of other application forms similar to the CSW. This will give applicants the ability to complete the 3,000 clock hours needed after graduation under supervision, and 1,200 hours must be accomplished through direct client contact. The advanced generalist or clinical exam must also be taken through the ASWB.

Endorsement and Renewal Requirements

Licensures from other states must be in good standing to be considered for reciprocity in Wyoming, and criteria to gain state licensure must be similar. Renewal takes place every two years on the applicant’s birthday, and 45 credit hours of continuing education is needed for both licenses. Instructors on mental health topics can earn up to six credit hours for their accomplishment.