Careers, Licensures, and Salaries in Wisconsin

Thousands of workers are represented in social work across the state of Wisconsin. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, at least 4,500 social workers specialize in youth development and school services. This type of work deals with families that may be suffering from relationship issues that affect a child’s well-being, or developing a plan to improve academic performance for the student if they are struggling.

Average Salary of a Wisconsin Social Worker

Workers in the field of children, families, and school social work make an annual mean wage of $47,470. This estimate is on par with mental health workers, and these figures hover around the national average in these professions. The Appleton metropolitan area typically sees higher salaries than the statewide average in many social work categories.

Wisconsin Social Work Licensure Requirements

Four different credentials are available when pursuing state licensure in Wisconsin. This includes the Certified Independent Social Worker (CISW) and Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), which both require the completion of a Master’s degree and 3,000 hours of postgraduate supervised experience.

In addition to the proper exam distributed by the Association of Social Work Boards, a Wisconsin law exam must be passed as well if it has not been taken in the last five years.

Endorsement and Renewal Requirements

Applicants without a Bachelor’s degree in social work may still be able to receive a Social Work Training Certificate, which replaces the BSW requirement for the Certified Social Worker licensure. The state of Wisconsin does endorse other state licensures assuming they have equivalent criteria that must be met and the applicant passes the state law exam.

Renewals take place during odd years by the end of February, and all license holders are expected to complete 30 credit hours of continuing education.