Careers, Licensures, and Salaries in West Virginia

Overall, the state of West Virginia has lower than national average employment for social workers specializing in youth, school services, and health care. This is also true for salaries, as the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that social workers within the field of youth and families are making $41,140 as the state’s annual mean wage. Higher salaries exist within the Morgantown metropolitan area.

West Virginia Social Work Licensure Requirements

Graduates will need to get a proper licensure for clinical and non-clinical social work in the state of West Virginia. This requires the completion of a Master’s degree and 3,000 additional field hours under supervision from a licensed professional. Depending on the type of licensure, either the clinical or advanced generalist exam is needed through the Association of School Work Boards.

Endorsement and Renewal Requirements

There is no endorsement of other state licensures in West Virginia, meaning that professionals must reapply in this particular state. Renewal takes place every two years, and 40 credit hours of continuing education is required. Within these studies, a certain amount of hours must be reserved for veteran mental health and ethical topics.