Careers, Licensures, and Salaries in South Dakota

Like many states across the country, South Dakota sees a significant portion of social workers specializing in youth and school services according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Over 1,700 workers are represented in this category, which is on par or higher with neighboring mountainous states, but lower than Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota.

Average Salary of a South Dakota Social Worker

South Dakota sees a large concentration of social workers in youth and family services with four employed per 1,000 workers. This competition is generally found across the state and equates to an annual mean wage estimate of $40,660. Across the board, salaries are lower across the state when compared to the national average in a number of social work specializations.

South Dakota Social Work Licensure Requirements

There are levels of certification at every educational step in the state of South Dakota. For example, those with associate degrees receive licensure as a Social Work Associate while applicants holding a Master’s degree aim for the Certified Social Worker (CSW) or Certified Social Worker in Private, Independent Practice (CSW-PIP). Gaining the latter licensure requires at least two years of post-graduate supervised work approved by the state board.

Endorsement and Renewal Requirements

Endorsements are allowed by the state of South Dakota as long as applicants can verify prior practice and exam scores from the Association of Social Work Boards. Renewals must take place prior to the first of January at the end of the second year with increasing rates depending on licensure. At least 30 credit hours worth of continuing education is needed prior to renewal.