Social Work Careers, Licensure, and Salaries in Pennsylvania

The highest-employed specialization in social work for the state of Pennsylvania is within child, family, and school services. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 21,000 professionals are recognized in this sector, and that carries an average annual salary of $44,870 across the state.

By comparison, the state has over 7,000 employed in health care and mental health, with the latter sector being the third-highest state – only lower than the neighboring state of New York and California. Much of this concentration in mental health services can be found in Altoona, which is the highest nationally when compared to other metropolitan areas.

Pennsylvania Social Work Licensure Requirements

There are licensed social workers and licensed clinical social workers designated in the state of Pennsylvania for professionals that have completed a CSWE-accredited Master’s degree. Clinical status requires 3,000 postgraduate work hours in at least two years, with half of this requirement going toward specializations such as group therapy and psychotherapy. They must also meet with an LCSW supervisor for two hours out of every 40 work hours recorded.

Endorsements and Renewal Requirements

Pennsylvania does not recognize other state licensures, so professionals must submit a new application that shows verification of the licensure and that no violations have been recorded. Renewal of the licensures take place every two years and they must complete 30 credit hours of continuing education. 20 credit hours are eligible to be completed online, and 3 credit hours must be reserved for professional ethics.