Social Work Careers, Licensure, and Salaries in North Dakota

The state of North Dakota sees its highest salaries in social work when dealing with youth and school services. Professionals in this line of work may be helping families in tough situations, potentially struggling to keep their home or keep their children from struggling academically. They will often deal with behavioral issues or relationship struggles, evaluating the nature of these problems and developing treatment plans or finding alternative solutions.

Average Salary of a North Dakota Social Worker

Average annual salaries for these types of social workers throughout the state is at $57,590, which is higher than the national average. Employment numbers are generally low in social work overall in the state, but those working with children and developing strong school systems are seeing the most social workers represented.

When completing the Master’s degree, there are two licensures that students are able to obtain – Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW) and Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW). A criminal background check is needed and applicants must pass the corresponding qualification exam through the Association of Social Work Boards.

Hours of Experience Requirements

Gaining the LICSW requires an additional 3,000 hours of supervised clinical work after graduation, which must be done under a licensed professional. North Dakota will accept licensure from other states, but this is limited to requirements from the state itself or having stronger criteria. Renewal must be completed prior to the end of odd-numbered years with 30 continuing education credit hours.