Careers, Licensures, and Salaries in Michigan

In general, the state of Michigan has a large amount of social work employment. Over 13,700 workers are represented in child, family, and school services according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Nearly half of these workers can be found in the Detroit metropolitan area, along with thousands in Grand Rapids and East Lansing.

Average Salary of a Michigan Social Worker

Michigan has modest to above-average pay rates for social workers across the state. Looking again at youth and school services, the annual mean wage is estimated at $51,410, and this can jump to $68,220 in the top 10 percent of workers. Many other specialties, such as mental health and substance abuse, fall close to these figures.

Michigan Social Work Licensure Requirements

In order to obtain the Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) designation, applicants must submit their transcripts showing completion of a Master’s degrees to the Michigan state board. This will give professionals a limited LMSW license, meaning they can pursue the 4,000 hours of supervised social work practice that is needed prior to getting the full licensure. With a cap of 2,000 clock hours each year, this must be obtained over at least a two-year time span.

Michigan allows the endorsement of licensures in other states if they are in good standing and are actively practicing. Renewal for LMSW licensure (or the Licensed Bachelor Social Worker designation) takes place every three years and requires 45 credit hours of continuous education. This is not the case for some licensures, such as the limited LMSW.