Social Work Careers, Licensure, and Salaries in Maine

Within the fields of mental health and substance abuse, the southwestern portions of Maine have some of the highest social work employment and salaries of nonmetropolitan areas. Average salaries are around $62,760, which is just over the $59,340 average state salary. In comparison to other states, this is one of the highest overall figures according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Maine Social Work Licensure Requirements

Various full and conditional licensures are distributed by the state of Maine. Conditional licensures are geared toward graduates that have completed education in a discipline related to social work. Obtaining this type of licensure will help them toward the full licensure as a social worker or clinically-licensed master social worker.

Hours of Experience Requirements

Whether pursuing the traditional or clinical social worker route with the conditional license, 3,2000 hours of postgraduate social work employment is needed between two to four years in order to be eligible to receive the full licensure. For the clinical licensure, this amount will double for those that did not complete an MSW program with a clinical concentration.

Endorsements and Renewal Requirements

Examination by the Association of Social Work Boards must be passed prior to receive the licensure. The state of Maine accepts licensures from other states, but applicants will need to submit additional documentation for verification. Renewal takes place every two years, and professionals with traditional licensures must complete 25 credit hours of continuing education and clinical licensures need to meet 40 total credit hours.