Social Work Careers, Licensure, and Salaries in Kentucky

The state of Kentucky sees a lot of employment in social work for children, family, and school-based topics. These experts may aid in working with youth or family to determine stability or to improve academic performance. Any attitude behaviors that show worrying signs in the future are identified and a treatment process is developed.

Average Salary of a Kentucky Social Worker

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 7,500 professionals are employed in youth, family, and school social work. This state has the second-highest concentration when compared to the rest of the country, accounting for nearly four workers per 1,000. Average salary in the state is around $42,570, with that figure being near the $60,000 mark in the top 10 percentile.

Kentucky Social Work Licensure Requirements

Kentucky’s designations for social work licensure are the following once a student completes their Master of Social Work education: Certified Social Worker and Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). The former license gives the ability for a professional to independently work as a social worker, but with clinical restrictions. This is removed once they gain appropriate supervision while working in a clinical setting, which is 30 hours per week over a two-year timespan or 20 hours per week over a three-year period.

This state does not allow other social workers to become licensed and professionals must go through the entire process as first-time applicants. Supervision must come from a professional that has held the LCSW licensure for at least three years. Renewing the license takes place every three years with a 40-credit hour requirement and at least six hours being reserved for topics on suicide management and prevention.