Careers, Licensures, and Salaries in Kansas

Many of the social work specializations in the state of Kansas are in youth and family services, and within the health care sector. Over 1,400 workers are represented in health care social work according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. There is modest representation across the state with the largest concentration in the Kansas City metro area.

Average Salary of Kansas Social Workers

Overall, the annual mean wage for health care social workers across the state of Kansas is estimated at $55,470. This is the highest average within social work when compared to other specialties, such as mental health and substance abuse. These numbers adjust to slightly higher figures in the Kansas City, Topeka, and Manhattan metropolitan areas, which hovers between $55,000 to $57,000.

Kansas Social Work Licensure Requirements

Three different social work licensures are available in the state of Kansas, ranging from practice after receiving a Bachelor’s degree to gaining clinical licensure. The Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker (LSCSW) designation can be reached if the applicant has at least received a Master’s degree with 15 credit hours of psychological disorder courses. During the program, graduates should have had 350 hours of direct client contact in their practicum sessions.

Hours of Experience Requirements

After graduation, applicants must gain temporary licensure and complete 4,000 hours of supervised post-graduate experience. 1,500 clock hours must be dedicated to direct client contact. Two out of every 20 hours each week must be supervised by a professional holding the LSCSW licensure for at least two years.