There are two online, accredited Master of Social Work programs in the state of Indiana. With availability across the country, students can become an advanced generalist at Indiana University.

Schools in Indiana with online MSW programs include:

  • Indiana University : Online MSW: Advanced Generalist

Indiana CSWE Accredited MSW Programs

There are six institutions that offer a Master's degree in social work that has been reviewed by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). All of these programs have an alternative Bachelor's degree in the same discipline. Of those, two institutions provide online education for their students - Indiana University and Indiana Wesleyan University.

Finding a Campus Based Indiana MSW Program

Huntington University provides online education exclusively for the Bachelor's degree in social work. Indianapolis hosts the most colleges that offer social work education, which is through the University of Indianapolis, Marian University, and IUPUI.

Outside of Marian University, the other two universities offer undergraduate and graduate social work programs.

Indiana University's Online Master of Social Work

There are seven locations that students can receive their MSW in the state of Indiana - Bloomington, Gary, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, New Albany, Richmond, and South Bend. There is also an online program, which prepares students for clinical practice at nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and in the workplace. Special practice areas include telebehavioral health and e-social work with individuals and family members.

Curriculum Structure

The curriculum is divided up into foundational, concentration, and focus courses. Foundational courses include Social Policy Analysis and Practice, Generalist Theory and Practice, and an introductory course to the social work industry. These courses can be waived if students have received a Bachelor's degree in this discipline.

Admission Requirements

For the admission process, students should hold an undergraduate program from an accredited institution. Those that do have a Bachelor's degree in social work from a CSWE-accredited school may be eligible for advanced standing if they have adequate academic merit. Submission requirements for applicants include a professional resume, five-page writing sample that details personal qualifications and goals for the program, and three letters of recommendation.

There is no requirement to submit the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) scores for the application process, and applying to the program can happen at anytime. Students have the ability to transfer one three-credit hour course into the MSW program, which is approved as an elective. This course cannot be more than five years old.

Indiana Wesleyan University's Online MSW

This Master of Social Work program incorporates advanced generalist practices with faith-based academics, providing spiritual evaluation and treatment methods when working with individuals or family members. Graduates will gain strong ethical practice and demonstrate those beliefs, implement research-based treatment, and engage with those that have a relationship with the client being treated. These are part of the nine different competencies established by the CSWE.

Program Formats and Courses

The standard program can be completed in either two years or 33 months depending on enrollment, and those eligible for advanced standing can get through the program in just 16 months. This is due to the removal of foundational courses that were already gained with the Bachelor's degree in social work. Examples of courses that are taken in the program include Advanced Practice with Families and Groups, Social Welfare Policy and Program Development, and Mental Health and Psychopathology.

Field Requirements

Field education begins either four or six months into the program depending on format chosen. Those in the online program will work with the program director to determine the best placement for social work practice. IWU utilizes the Tevera field software system for students to complete the application process and track their performance.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for the advanced track include the completion of a Bachelor's degree in social work that has been accredited by the CSWE with high academic marks. Submission needs include two letters of recommendation and at least a 2.7 cumulative GPA for the standard track. There are usually three start dates for the standard and advanced MSW curriculum throughout the year.

Indiana Careers, Licensure, and Salaries in Indiana

Health care social work is abundant in the state of Indiana according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, estimating around 5,430 employed in the sector. This is on par with many surrounding states, including Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois. Social workers in this field may help patients adjust after spending significant time in the hospital, or diagnose any mental issues or other side effects from medication.

Average Salary of Indiana Social Workers

Annual mean salaries are estimated at $52,090 across the state, which is lower than the national average, but similar to surrounding locations. This figure is on par within the Indianapolis metropolitan area, but grows in the central portion of the state and into Lafayette. Positions as a social worker in this field are available at Firefly Home Care, CHI Health at Home, and Ascension Health.

Indiana Social Work Licensure Requirements

After obtaining a Master’s degree in social work, those in Indiana can become a Licensed Social Worker or Licensed Clinical Social Worker. The latter requires 3,000 hours of postgraduate work experience that is supervised from a clinically-licensed professional. The Master’s degree must also have specific work in clinical services.

Other specific state requirements include all applicants completing a background check. After passing the Association of Social Work Boards examination and proof of additional work experience and education, licensure can be received. 20 credit hours of continuing education must completed each year, and at least half of the coursework must be from professional courses or seminars.

Online MSW Programs in Indiana That Are CSWE Accredited

Indiana University

  • Program: Online MSW: Advanced Generalist CSWE Accredited
  • Specialized Area: Advanced Generalist
  • Availability:
  • Advanced Standing Option? Advanced Standing
  • Admissions: Open to students anywhere in the United States
  • Status: Fully Online

Campus-Based Indiana MSW Programs

Indiana State University

  • Program: M.S.W.
  • Campus: Terre Haute

Indiana University

  • Program: Master of Social Work, MSW
  • Campus: Bloomington (and multiple others)

Indiana Wesleyan University

  • Program: MSW
  • Campus: Marion

University of Indianapolis

  • Program: Master of Social Work
  • Campus: Indianapolis

University of Southern Indiana

  • Program: Master of Social Work
  • Campus: Evansville