Idaho MSW Degree Programs

Last updated March 2, 2023
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School Program Admissions
University of Denver Online Master of Social Work
No GRE Required. Top-ranked school of social work offers two online MSW tracks: traditional and advanced standing. Concentration offerings in Mental Health and Trauma or Health, Equity and Wellness.
University of Denver CSWE Accredited MSW Program
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The second-largest university in the state, Boise State University, has the exclusive online option for the Master of Social Work in Idaho. Average salary for child and family social work services throughout the state is $48,170 annually.

Idaho CSWE Accredited MSW Programs

Five total institutions in the state of Idaho have received accreditation by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) for their undergraduate and graduate degrees in social work. Boise State University, Idaho State University, and Northwest Nazarene University have Master's degrees available, with the first school on the list being the exclusive option for online education.

Are there online MSW programs in Idaho?

Yes, there are colleges in Idaho with an online Master of Social Work degree program. Consider a featured online MSW program that is taking applicants right now, or move on to the list.

School Program Admissions
Adelphi University Online Master of Social Work
CSWE Accredited
Virginia Commonwealth University Online Master's in Social Work
CSWE Accredited
University of Kentucky Online Master of Social Work
CSWE Accredited
University of West Florida Online Master of Social Work
CSWE Accredited
Our Lady of the Lake University Online Master of Social Work
CSWE Accredited
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List of online MSW programs in Idaho that are CSWE accredited

School Program CSWE Accredited?
Boise State University Online MSW: Individuals and Families

Finding a Campus Based Idaho MSW Program

All institutions are located in different areas across the state, with BSU having additional options in Twin Falls and Coeur d'Alene. Lewis-Clark State College and Brigham Young University in Idaho, which are located in Lewiston and Rexburg respectively, are two institutions that only have a Bachelor's degree in social work.

Boise State University's Masters of Social Work Online

The School of Social Work provides broad education in the field, exploring clinical practice, policy development, and administration within the profession. Graduates from the program will gain an understanding in ethical and legal practice standards, and be able to perform valid research to implement evidence-based treatment. All students pursuing the program can do so completely at their convenience with no requirements to visit the Boise campus.

Program Formats

Students can pursue the program with part-time or full-time enrollment, and either regular or advanced standing. Having advanced standing means that the student is able to eliminate foundational courses and could graduate in as little as one year if pursuing the program full-time. Other variations will depend of the schedule, with the full-time program taking a suggested span of nine semesters.

Field Coursework Requirements

Field coursework requires 1,000 clock hours for the full program, or 600 total hours for the advanced standing. Those 600 hours are earned in the second year for the former, with semesters dividing the work in half. It is recommended that those in part-time enrollment should still avoid full-time jobs in order to fulfill the field practice portion of the curriculum.

Online Benefits

Unique options for this program include taking courses individually online instead of pursuing the full program. Around the clock technical support is available to students who are running into issues with their education. Not all student resources are available or are limited for the online program, such as counseling and mental health services.

Review of campus-based Idaho MSW programs

Boise State University - Master of Social Work (MSW) - Boise

Both traditional and advanced standing formats available completely online. Students eligible for advanced standing with CSWE-accredited degree earned in last seven years. Experience allows 10-year window since earning undergraduate degree. Online admission requires successful background check and social service experience. 1,000 total field practicum hours required. 600 hours reserved for the concentration year divided into 21-22 hours per week.

Northwest Nazarene University - Master of Social Work (MSW) - Nampa

Concentrations available in clinical mental health and community practice. Latter option provides an overview of macro practice and improving quality of life. Advanced standing offered to students with an accredited BSW degree. Accelerated program completion in as little as 16 months. Distributed on campus with evening and weekend availability for courses. There is no online offering for this graduate program.

Social Work Careers, Licensure, and Salaries in Idaho

Professionals into child and family social care services can find plenty of opportunity across the state with over 1,160 workers currently employed. Salaries sit at $48,170 as the annual mean across the state, and this figure can jump to $65,300 in the top 10 percentile according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Higher-paying opportunities can be found mental health and substance abuse positions, especially in the Boise City metropolitan area.

Idaho Social Work Licensure Requirements

Idaho requires a Master of Social Work degree for the following licensures: Licensed Masters Social Worker and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Gaining the former licensure will not permit those to perform clinical work, but it is the pathway to do so. This does require passing the Association of Social Work Boards examination in the application process.

Hours of Experience Requirements

For the clinical licensure, at least 3,000 hours of supervised clinical social experience is needed postgraduation. This is accomplished over a two-year time span and can be longer, but no more than five years. At least half of this supervision must be done by a professional holding the LCSW licensure.

Endorsements and Renewal Requirements

Professionals can receive endorsement from the state if they do not have any penalties on record, and this avoids the need to repeat any examinations or supervision requirements unless they failed to meet state standards. 20 hours of continuing education is needed each year, and at least half of this credit must come from formal sources.