Careers, Licensures, and Salaries in Connecticut

Thousands of social workers are employed in the state of Connecticut, with the largest specialization in child and school services. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 5,000 workers are represented in this category. The majority of these positions can be found in the Hartford metropolitan area.

In terms of salaries, Connecticut is the third-highest state for paying social workers that specialize with children and family members with an annual mean wage of $68,360. This amount is only lower than the District of Columbia and New Jersey. Workers in this specialization work with families to determine potential child neglect or what may be holding them back from learning.

Connecticut Social Work Licensure Requirements

There is no need to gain state licensure for graduates that have a Bachelor’s degree in social work. However, those holding higher education or looking for clinical work will need to apply for the Licensed Master Social worker and/or Licensed Clinical Social Worker certifications.

In addition to getting at least a Master’s degrees, applicants must gain 3,000 clock hours of supervised post-graduate experience. They must also pass the clinical exam through the Association of Social Work Boards.

Endorsement and Renewal Requirements

The state of Connecticut will endorse licenses distributed in other states, but the practitioner must be in good standing. If 3,000 post-graduate clinical hours have not been met, three years of independent work experience can be substituted. 15 credit hours of continuing education is needed for annual renewal of the license, and two hours must be dedicated to mental health toward veterans.