Careers, Licensures, and Salaries in Arkansas

Social work professionals are scattered fairly evenly among specializations based on information from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Over 1,000 workers have specializations in mental health, substance abuse, and overall health care. Many of these positions are available in the Little Rock metropolitan area.

Average Salary for Arkansas Social Workers

The highest-paid social workers in the state of Arkansas work in the health care sector with an annual estimated wage of over $50,400. Salaries are slightly higher than this amount in the eastern portion of the state.

Arkansas Social Work Licensure Requirements

Licensure can be received at the Master’s level and clinical level in the state of Arkansas. In order to receive the clinical designation, applicants must complete at least 4,000 clock hours in a post-graduate setting. This work must be completed under an already-established Licensed Certified Social Worker and requires at least two years.

Applicants must submit proof of a graduate program that was earned in social work and criminal background check to receive a temporary licensure. Through the Association of Social Work Boards, applicants must complete a clinical examination. There is an ability to get licenses from other states sponsored in Arkansas as long as the guidelines are similar.